Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes

Fort Lauderdale is known as the “Venice of America” as well as the “Yacht Capital of the World” and Fort Lauderdale is a City of almost 200 Miles of Waterways. Most Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes offer in water dockage space for Yachts, Mega Yachts, Sailboats, Speedboats, Cruisers, Wave-runners, and more. Some Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes will be directly on the beach or along a small canal. Waterfront properties available in Fort Lauderdale are Intracoastal front, Canal front, Riverfront, and direct Oceanfront along the Beach. A majority of Fort Lauderdale’s waterfront homes are located on canals with Ocean access via the Intracoastal waterway.

Fort Lauderdale Oceanfront Homes

The first group of Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes will be a short list and located in only the neighborhood of Lauderdale Beach. These homes are located directly on the ocean with nothing between it and the Atlantic but the beach! These homes are extremely rare in Fort lauderdale and there are only a handful of them. If you can afford one of these homes then you should consider it a great investment because there wont be anymore homes built in Fort Lauderdale with direct beach access! Homes for sale with oceanfront access start around three million. Currently there are 5 oceanfront homes for sale ranging from $3.7m to $8m.

Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Homes

There are far more Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes in this next group and this is certainly why Fort Lauderale is known as the “Venice of America.” Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Homes are located directly on the intracoastal and have no fixed bridges! These homes are extremely will comand a premium compared to other homes that are not on the intracoastal and have a fixed bridge. The Intracoastal allows for quick access to the Atlantic Ocean making them very convenient for Yacht and Boaters! Homes for sale along the intracoastal oceanfront access start around $1.5m. Currently there are roughly 90 homes available along the intracoastal ranging from $1.5m to $139m which is one of the most expensive homes currently listed for sale.

Fort Lauderdale Riverfront Homes

A significantly smaller group than Intracoastal homes are the homes along Fort lauderdale Rivers. Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have to many designated rivers. They are New River which is the “main” river in Fort Lauderdale, Stranahan River named after some of the oldest settlers that came to Fort Lauderdale to set up a trading post along the New River, and Middle River which flows North and South in the Coral Ridge and Bal Harbour neighborhoods.

If watching cruise ships and mega yachts come and go, than a home along the Stranahan River located in Harbor Beach is where you should start looking. Although these homes don’t typically come with dockage, they have some of the most amazing views. There aren’t many homes available here so the prices are going to be a bit higher, starting roughly around $1m. There is currently one home available at the time of this article, listed at $4.8m.

fort-lauderdale-new-river-homes-img01Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes along the New River, however offer a lot of dock space for boats and it would be difficult to find a waterfront home here that doesn’t. The New River flows East and West along the Las Olas Isles and Rio Vista eventually moving further west to Tarpon Bend and Sailboat Bend. The New River is the closest to downtown and boaters will find the commute to the ocean really quick. Home prices along New River begin around $1.2m.

Middle River has a lot of waterfront homes as well, but the majority of the waterfront homes are north of Sunrise Blvd and will be impeded by the fixed bridge. Currently the Bridge has a clearance of roughly 6 feet, however the new bridge currently being constructed will allow for 10′ of boating clearance, thus allowing for larger boats. Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes along the Middle River start at about $1m.

Fort Lauderdale Canal Front Homes

Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes along canals can have drastic differences in price. Mainly because of bridges and of course the location, but the cost of the location is determined by the types of bridges. It goes around in a circle! Homes along canals that are not impeded by fixed bridges will command a higher price than those that have fixed bridges. So the locations value is highly determined by the ability to get a boat to the ocean and if Fort Lauderdale decided to build a fixed bridge instead of a drawbridge than the neighborhood value will go down. Although most fixed bridges do allow boat traffic. When considering purchasing a home with a fixed bridge, make sure you find out the clearance height if you intend to have a boat. The information is listed in the Fort Lauderdale City Data. Canal front homes located a little west with ocean access, but fixed bridges can start as low as $300,000. At the same time you can have a home located on a Canal and the Intracoastal with no fixed bridges that will be listed for nearly $20m.

When it comes to understanding Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes with ocean access, it is important that you realize that the value of the land is significant. There are Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes that are being sold at prices that are equal to, lower than, or not significantly higher than their land value alone.  The lowest prices in Waterfront Communities simply get you into the Neighborhood, and most likely you are buying for the land, not the home, so be prepared. You are not going to have the newest, largest or nicest home. Additionally, the lowest priced Waterfront Homes are typically those located in areas that have Fixed Bridges. Take this lightly, considering the vast differences in homes located in Fort Lauderdale, but a general “rule of thumb,” is Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes homes with no fixed bridges are roughly $800 to $1,200 per square foot. So a home with 1,000 Sq/Ft will be around 800,000 to 1.5m and a home at 7000 Sq/Ft will be approximately from $5.6m to $8.4m. Of course this is extremely rough, but more often that not you will be in the ball park at $1,000 per Sq/Ft.


Have A Boat, Sailboat, Yacht, Mega-Yacht to Dock?

  1. Some Canal Front Homes are located in areas that have Fixed Bridges. For areas with Fixed Bridge access to the Intracoastal, you need to consider the height of your Vessel and the clearance height of the Fixed Bridges.
  2. Waterfront widths and depths vary significantly, so the size and Draft of your Vessel are factors to consider when searching for Homes.
  3. Some Intracoastal front Homes are located in Wake Zones, which are, of course, inappropriate for docking large Vessels, however, some Homes with Wake Zones have Lifts that for Docking smaller Boats and other small Watercraft such as wave runners. Intracoastal Point Lot (corner lot bordering 2 waterfronts) properties with Dockage on a Canal are the most ideal choice for Intracoastal front Properties for docking large Vessels.
  4. Does the existing Dockage and Seawall meet your needs or can changes, updates, or additions be made?

Factors, When Pricing Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes!

  1. Although not usually a huge significance, the age of the Home may be a factor. Many “older” homes have been completely redone.
  2. The size of the home can be a factor, but generally speaking, it the home is large the lot is larger, making it more expensive.
  3. Architectural styling of the home can have a huge impact especially if the style is not appealing and the home is not a rebuild, most buyers will move on to something else.
  4. The condition of the home can play a part to a certain degree. There can be factors where this may not matter, a tear down for example.
  5. Features and finishes within the home can really add value when done right and accordingly.
  6. A pool and garage may add some value to a home, and most waterfront homes will have these, but the improvement is not a huge impact when looking at the entire picture.
  7. The waterfront width of the property will play a large role in the overall cost and of course the larger the width of waterfront the most likely the entire lot is bigger. The average Lot size of Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes is 1/4 Acre)
  8. Wake zone vs. No Wake Zone
  9. The type and size of Dock available
  10. The type of Waterfront (Canal, River, Intracoastal, Ocean)
  11. East vs. West location. Most of our Waterfront Ocean Access Communities are located East of I-95, but a few are located West. East locations are closer to the Intracoastal and Ocean. Because of their location advantage, the majority of Homes located East are priced higher. Lowest priced Homes located East typically sell VERY quickly.
  12. Fixed Bridges vs. No Fixed Bridges. Homes located in areas without Fixed Bridges have an obvious advantage and are priced higher. Find out what the fixed bridges clearance heights are.
  13. The Address. Certain Neighborhoods are more prestigious. Rio Vista, Las Olas Isles and Harbor Beach neighborhoods will generally have higher prices.
  14. Canal Width and Depth. Areas that have very wide and deep Canals have an obvious advantage for Vessels and are priced higher.

Where Do I Start Looking? 

If you want one of Fort lauderdale waterfront homes with ocean access, then you will want to consider the city of Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the Sea, Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Sea Ranch Lakes, and Dania Beach.