Riviera Isles

Zip Code 33301

Riviera Isles is a small group of short little Isles just south of Sunset Lake and Las Olas Blvd. This neighborhood features waterfront homes with boat docks that allows Atlantic Ocean access without an fixed bridges to block the way. Riviera Isles are close to the Airport, Seaport, Las Olas Blvd entertainment district and more.

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Riviera Isles

The Riviera Isles neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale includes the homes South of Solar Plaza Drive, Flamingo Drive, Solar Isle Drive and the Western section of Riviera Isles Drive (SE 25th Ave). This may be confusing to visualize, but the map below will help clarify it’s location. Riviera Isles are part of what is known as the Las Olas Isles neighborhood, but is really it’s own neighborhood all together in the Isles. The section is South of Las Olas Blvd and is accessible only by going through Idlewyld. Riviera Isles is made up of single family waterfront homes. These homes all have un-restricted Atlantic Ocean access from your backyard dock!

3 Isle Neighborhood

Riviera Isles is a small neighborhood that is made up of just 3 short finger Isles. The Isles of Riviera Isles are shorter than most of the other Isles off Las Olas Blvd, due to Sunset Lake which sits just North of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is connected to Idlewyld and when looking straight down, looks like a Lobster claw! Strangely enough, the East side of SE 25 Ave belongs to Idlewyld, while the West side belongs to Riviera Isles. But when you look at the furthest lot South (the point lot) both East and West are considered a part of Riviera Isles. To continue, the same situation occurs with the homes North of Solar Plaza Drive, which belong to Idlewyld as well! One can certainly wonder what the thought process was when they came up with the neighborhood boundaries.  

Riviera Isles Neighborhood Boundries

Riviera Isles Real Estate

The homes in Riviera Isles all have ocean access with no fixed bridges, like all the waterfront homes on the Isles. The trip to the Ocean is especially short from this area since it is on the South side of Las Olas Blvd. The Luxurious homes here range in price from around $1.5m to over $9m. Moving into the Riviera Isles, affording around $3M will secure some of the most amazing luxury waterfront homes in Riviera Isles and Fort Lauderdale. Homes available for sale were built anywhere from 1945 to this year. There isn’t a whole lot of inventory on the market in Riviera Isles at any given moment. There is usually 7-10 on average, active on the market in this highly sought after area.

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Riviera Isles On The Map

Riviera Isles Homes For Sale

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