There are a lot of Fort Lauderdale Schools to choose from and even more in Broward County. If you are searching for a new place to live and have young children you will certainly want to look into the school system that each neighborhood provides. At Living Las Olas our primary area is focused on the Eastern Fort Lauderdale Schools but we can certainly get you into a home anywhere in the tri-county area. If you would like to find more information on Schools outside the Fort Lauderdale area and the scope of our map, visit For those of you who have to live in the area, Fort Lauderdale Schools can be found on the map below.

Fort Lauderdale Schools

Private Education

If you would like your son or daughter to attend Private School, there are several to choose from in Fort Lauderdale. There are 80 private schools serving the Fort Lauderdale area. 65% of these private schools are religiously affiliated. Most commonly Christian and Roman Catholic. The Student:Teacher ratio is 11:1. Go to Private School Review a list of Private Fort Lauderdale Schools

Higher Education

Maybe searching for the perfect home doesn’t just include finding the perfect school for your children! The Greater Fort Lauderdale area is host to many higher level education schools. For those of you sending your kids off to college from out of state should really consider buying a home for the duration of school, rather than paying boarding costs. Home values tend to rise quickly in the area and in many situations a nice profit gained at the end of 4 years as apposed to a 100% loss in boarding payments. The Fort Lauderdale Real Estate bottomed out in June 2011 with the average sales price of $183,000. 4 years later, as of June 2015 the average sales price of a home in Fort Lauderdale is $271,000. The trend is continuing up and that increase could pay for most of the College expenses. Go to Colleges online for a list of Higher Education Fort Lauderdale Schools