Canal Front Homes

Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes along canals can have drastic differences in price. The bridge type between the home and the Ocean is the primary factor. In the Venice of America there is no shortage of Canal Front homes. This type of waterfront home is the most common in the City of Fort Lauderdale. Because of the possibility of fixed bridges, you should consult a local Realtor to help you search for this type of home.  

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Canal Front Homes

Boats, Docks & Location

Fort Lauderdale Canal Front Homes can have drastic differences in price. Main reasons of large price discrepancies is the type of bridges between the home and the ocean. A fixed bridge can drastically affect the price. The location is also a contributing factor. The cost of the location is determined by the distance from the Ocean. Fort Lauderdale Canal Front Homes that are not impeded by fixed bridges will command a higher price than those that have fixed bridges. So the locations value is highly determined by the ability to get a boat or large boat to the ocean. If Fort Lauderdale decided to build a fixed bridge instead of a drawbridge as access to a particular neighborhood than the value would certainly be effected. Although most fixed bridges do allow some boat traffic with height restrictions. When considering to purchase a home with a fixed bridge, make sure you find out the clearance height if you intend to have a boat. The information is listed on our Fort Lauderdale fixed bridges page. Fort Lauderdale Canal Front Homes located a little west that still has ocean access, but a fixed bridges can start as low as $300,000. On the other side of the coin, you you can have a home located on a Canal and the Intracoastal with no fixed bridges. Fixed bridges and Ocean distance are two main factors. The location proximity to downtown Fort Lauderdale also plays a role in price. Canal front homes in Rio Vista, Las Olas Isles and Harbor Beach are, in general more expensive than other areas. 

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