Halloween On The New River | Las Olas Blvd

Halloween On The New River

Take a stroll down the Riverwalk just off Las Olas Blvd. Along the New River you will see a lot of boats. Small boats, medium boats and giant boats are docked all along the path! Some of the boats have been decorated in celebration of the Halloween Season! It’s always fun to see something different. If you’ve always wanted to see the real Pirates of the Caribbean, then look no further. The spirit is similar to that of the Hardrock Christmas Boat Parade. When the boats are decorated with Christmas lights and other festive decorations. There may not be a boat parade for Halloween, but this is about as close as you could get and I call it Halloween on the New River. Most of the Halloween spirit is on display across the street from The Las Olas Grand and The WaterGarden condominiums.

So, if you happen to be on Las Olas Blvd for a bite to eat or a drink than take a quick walk along the Riverwalk. You will see Skeletons sailing boats and Pumpkin boogey monsters upon the decks of the ships. A fun but spooky walk, indeed!

A few pictures of Halloween on the New River

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