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Fort Lauderdale Home Mortgages can be obtained by contacting a mortgage broker. Are you ready to be a home owner? Take the first step towards owning a home in Fort Lauderdale and get pre-approved for a mortgage! The mortgage loan pre-approval process is easy. Simply contact a mortgage loan company or officer to start the pre-approval process. If you need any help, have questions or need a mortgage loan officer recommendation. We’re glad to help! Gavin only works with the best mortgage brokers in town!

Is it time to get... PRE-APPROVED?

The very first step in the home buying process is to determine your “buying power” and how much you’re approved for. This is an easy process so Don’t Be Afraid of the Mortgage Pre-Approval. Gavin can help you find a mortgage lender who is skilled, understands your financial situation, and is easy to work with. If you decide to find a mortgage lender on your own, make sure choose someone who is professional, experienced, and competent. Loan Officers are dependent upon finding consumers to work with. The loan officer will also inform you of all your options and the future steps to take in order to position yourself for the best interest rate possible on your loan.

Once you have completed the mortgage loan pre-approval, you can start the looking for a home. Start looking at homes online, right here at LivingLasOlas.com. Remember, homes usually look different in person than they do online. Once you have a few homes that you are interested in, contact Gavin by phone, email or simply request a showing of a property you saw on this website. 

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Don't need a Morgage?

Not everyone will take out a mortgage when they purchase a home. Many Co-op buildings in Fort Lauderdale can not be financed. Those that can, usually require upwards of 50% down payment. If you plan on paying cash, we can provide recommendations to obtain a Proof Of Funds document.

Need a... POF or PROOF OF FUNDS?