Las Olas Art Fair Resumes

Las Olas Art Fair Resumes

The Las Olas Art Fair Resumes in downtown Fort Lauderdale after being canceled earlier this year. Like, every other event, the Art Fair was forced to close due to Covid-19. Six months later, its back! The Art Fair went off without a hitch, from what I can tell. This is a good start to restoring a sense of normalcy. I visited the Art Fair twice while the festivities were taking place. It’s fun to walk there and see the beautiful art work as well as the people enjoying being out again. I saw quite a few pedestrians walking away from the show with art work in tow. It must have been a success for the Artists and after being shut down for so long, a much needed sale. The real winner is the residents

The event had some rules put in place to make the event safe for the Artists’ and Attendee’s alike. Pedestrian traffic flowed East and West within the corresponding lane on Las Olas Blvd. Masks were also required, even thought the event is held outside. Everyone felt safe and most importantly, had fun! I look forward to other events on Las Olas Blvd in the near future like Christmas on Las Olas and the next Las Olas Art Fair event.

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Art Fair Images

A few pictures from early in the day! Hope to see you at the next event.


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