Las Olas Lamborghini Breakfast

Las Olas Lamborghini Breakfast

When you live near Las Olas, you will encounter a lot of fun and interesting things. Some are expected and planned, sometimes its just a surprise. So I was on my morning walk and as soon as I turned the corner at American Social; A line of parked Lamborghini’s along with a few porches’ and Ferrari’s. I assume the owners were at the Bonne Crepe getting breakfast! Maybe, maybe not, but what a sight to see on Las Olas Blvd in the early morning. I am thinking they were all parked there to contribute to the 2nd Annual Exotics On Las Olas event that I was sure was canceled due to covid-19. After a bit of research, the 2nd Annual Exotics on Las Olas will take place on November 15th, 2020! I am sure some, if not all these cars will be participating in the event.

So I guess they were all just getting breakfast and early morning pedestrians were given a bit of auto eye candy. Like I said, its fun living on Las Olas! If you don’t already live here, ask us to help find you a Las Olas home.

Exotics On Las Olas
November 15th 2020

A few more images from what I call the… Las Olas Lamborghini Breakfast!


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