Le Palais Royal – AKA – La Playa Vista Isle

Listing Price – $159 Million

Le Palais Royal La Playa Vista Isle Hero


In the market for a waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale, Let us know!


Sales Price – $42.5 Million

Le Palais Royal in Hillsboro mile is currently one of the most expensive homes listed in the country! Located about 20 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County is this amazing palace built with inspiration from the grand Palaces of Europe. Le Palais Royal has both Intracoastal waterfront with dockage space for just about any Mega-Yacht currently available and direct beach Atlantic Ocean access! Hillsboro mile and Lauderdale Beach are the only 2 areas in Broward County that still have single-family oceanfront homes. Hillsboro offers homes with both Intracoastal and direct Oceanfront homes.

Rumor is… Bruce Wayne May Was Interested!

Living Las Olas recently found an interested buyer for Le Palais Royal. We would like to tell you who it is, but they want to stay anonymous at this time. The Prospective buyer was already at the home when we showed up! He had a weird looking car that seems to be built from scrap metal! Who knows? Anyway, we are a little skeptical if he can really afford Le Palais Royal. However, he seemed to like the house, especially the “under-house” 30 car garage so maybe he has some nicer wheels than the one he drove today. We will keep in touch and see if he follows through with this purchase.

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