RainTree RIverWalk Fort Lauderdale

RainTree Riverwalk is the latest update on Marina Lofts. This project was set to be a 1000 unit apartment building. The project was troubled from conception. The design of the building was artistic, and edgy. The building would have looked like it was built with glass blocks and then broken in half. Design aside, the largest obstacle was the removal of a large Raintree. The proposed removal of the Raintree created backlash and protests. The final blow to the project would be a slowing in the new construction condo market later in 2015. Five years later, RainTree Riverwalk is the remedy to the controversy that surrounded Marina Lofts.

RainTree RiverWalk Fort Lauderdale

What was once a three tower plan has transitioned down to two towers and the design has been scaled back a little and it’s not as edgy. The new project calls for a 35-story tower with 434 apartments and a second 32-story tower with 350 apartments. The Rain Tree will remains and the complex will be renamed to RainTree Riverwalk.  In addition to the apartments, the project will continue the efforts to revitalize the South side of the New River. The complex will add nearly 20,000 square feet of retail space for shops and restaurants.

Las Olas Riverwalk Real Estate

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