McNeal Realty is a local real estate brokerage, here in South Florida and centralized in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Real estate is local! - Shouldn't your broker be?

Home Evaluation

The first step in selling your home is determining what your home is worth. Getting an accurate evaluation of your home’s resale value is an art form that is acquired over time. Knowing the true resale value of a property is vital to establishing the listing price. The ability to know the true resale value of a property is a formula consisting of evaluating price per square foot, location, local amenities, and average days on the market to hone in the best possible resale evaluation in comparison to other homes for sale and that recently sold in Fort Lauderdale. The price of a home is not determined by a real estate agent or it’s owner. The price is 100% market driven and the good news is that a home will not sell for less than it is worth. Marketing your home properly will locate more buyers, lead to more showings, and to more offers resulting in the highest price in the shortest amount of time possible. Setting a price that is comparable is the most effective way to excite buyers about a particular property. It is always best to have multiple offers than to have no offers.


McNeal Realty is a local real estate brokerage, here in South Florida and centralized in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Real Estate is local and so should the company be that sells your homes!

Acquire the highest price in the shortest amount of time!

Our number one priority is to acquire the highest price in the shortest amount of time! This is my goal, my mission and I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure this. I have the technical, artistic and professional skills to make this a reality. Your home will make an IMPRESSION! I make sure your property has the most advertising exposure, is abundantly appealing and evokes exciting emotions. The first impression has to be the best!

Since 92% of home shoppers use the Internet as part of their home search, a comprehensive online marketing program is essential to generating the greatest possible demand for your home. When it comes to the best possible online marketing program, Start Here.

We understand the power of the internet and we are partners of almost every major real estate website such as Realtor.com, HomeFinder.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com and more. The list is massive and provides the maximum exposure to more than 10 million buyers on over 400 websites every day!

Your home will be featured and have it’s own customized web-page with hi-res photos and videos, right here on Living Las Olas. Qualifying listings will get there own Website!

Building your Advertisement

Before the click of the camera starts it is important that your home has been properly staged. Store the extra furniture, put away the clutter, sweep the patio, mow the lawn, and have the hedges trimmed if you can. Staging your home for beautiful pictures, in most cases, is just the matter of a little work and some rearranging. This is the first step to achieve the perfect look and effectively market your home.

High quality photos are taken of your home by a Professional photographer and Gavin. Every image is carefully inspected, edited, enhance and cropped to exact image specifications for their intended use. Don’t rely on agents that do “SmartPhone Photos.” This is the 1st insight to laziness. You’re paying a lot to sell your home. Make sure you get what your paying for.

In addition to the brilliant finish photos we will also create clips of video from your home, professionally color correct, enhance, edit and create a stunning compilation video of your listed home playing to high quality music that evokes the perfect emotional response. All this is created with professional industry technology

Once the interior of your home is done, its time to spend some time outside. At McNeal Realty, we fly our own Photography Drone to get every photo and video possible to ad to your listing. This is a great tool that can show your home from a heightened position, showing off the location, property size and more. 

Once all this work is done, it’s time to enter it, into the MLS and other online marketing options.  Our listings are syndicated to hundreds of websites and the major, well know real estate sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and more. Our online marketing continues through our sites and to individual home domains for those homes that qualify.

In addition to the online presence, print advertising is still around and we continue to effectively utilize this too. Print has slowly become less relevant over the last several years but there are a handful of print magazines out there and your property will be featured in our publications as well.

Not every agent takes the time to provide open houses anymore! It is becoming more rare, but it also allows for other agents in the area to preview your home as well. If they are looking at homes in the neighborhood that means they might have someone interested in moving in. It is a great way to inform the local agents of what’s available on the market!

Networking with other agents in the area is a great way for our realtors to market your property. We continually interact with each other at events and Brokers Open Houses. We always try to find that agent who may have the buyer for your home!

You may have had a call from us in the past and that is because we don’t sit still and wait. Our agents proactively reach out to those that have show interest in purchasing and selling home via the telephone. When we receive a listing we do a local neighborhood telephone campaign letting them know that your home is for sale. Maybe they know someone who wants to move in! 

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram! We have them all and we use them to sell your home. In addition to the standard postings to these sites we also run paid advertising to sell your home faster. 

Networking with agents is a great way to inform our colleagues of our listings. However, there is only so much time in the day and only so many events that a single agent can get to. That’s why we E-Blast your listing to thousands of agents in the South Florida area. You have a home that needs to be sold and we want everyone to know about it!

The telephone is the fastest way to connect to people and effectively inform them of our listings. Unfortunately, 80% of our calls go un-answered or directly to a voicemail. The next best thing to inform your neighbors is to do a post card mailing about your home and we do this on a regular basis.