War Memorial Auditorium Panthers Proposal

War Memorial Auditorium Panthers Proposal

Recently submitted and asking for support is the War Memorial Auditorium Panthers Proposal for the site. The renderings of this new structure look amazing and is a much needed face lift to the War Memorial Auditorium and Holiday Park as a whole. Some, may be concerned about the footprint that 2 additional ice arenas, lockers, shops and restaurants may have on the park. It’s not as significant as you think against the entire park itself. If you look at the images below, you can see the overall impact. In addition, look at the photos of the existing structure and surrounding area that would be impacted and you will see what I see. This is in major need of renovation and everything that surrounds this building is either not utilized, under utilized and poorly maintained.

The Panthers proposal if constructed will be a huge improvement to the Fort Lauderdale Community. From looking at the proposal submitted to Fort Lauderdale, I only see one issue with this complex and it’s the parking situation. There are 2 small parking lots on the South side of the building and one is fenced in and am to assume that will be for the Florida Panthers players. The nearest source of parking near the concession stands, soccer and football fields is a substantial walk, especially carrying with hockey equipment. I can only imagine the hike in mid August!

$45 Million Renovation of War Memorial Auditorium Moving Forward

The City Commission approved an agreement and site plan with the War Memorial Benefit Corporation, a non-profit entity of the NHL’s Florida Panthers, for a $45 million renovation of War Memorial Auditorium. Renovation plans include adding an ice rink to serve as the Florida Panthers’ main practice facility, along with a second rink for recreational hockey, youth hockey, youth figure skating and public skating. The project will also include indoor facilities to accommodate additional programming and a 3,000-seat concert venue. Fort Lauderdale residents will receive a 15% discount on selected services.


Parking aside there are a lot more pros than cons to this proposal. The most obvious just being the revitalization of the War Memorial Auditorium while bringing more than just some expo events. If you frequent the park you will notice that there isn’t to many people there, especially during the summer months and that isn’t a big surprise given the heat. This will be a much needed indoor recreational facility for those brutally hot summer days.

I, for one am in favor of the Panthers proposal for the War Memorial Auditorium. The project along with the new parks and recreations bill that passed recently will be a major improvement to Fort Lauderdale and it’s residents quality of life.

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War Memorial Auditorium Panthers Proposal


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